Who We Are

Chaverim is a group of qualified volunteers who help people with varying issues, from automobile to home and more. Chaverim came into being when a group of qualified individuals recognized the community’s need for an organization that people could turn to in difficult times. These individuals committed themselves to volunteer their time, skills, resources and expertise to help their community in times of need.

Since Chaverim began in January 2007, they have received over 20,000 phone calls – and are now averaging 300 calls a month, about 10-20 calls per day.

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Chavrim truck in snow Chaverim help move a car Conducting traffic - Chaverim Starting a vehicle Chaverim of Baltimore event Clearing the street

Chaverim is there when you need them and they were fast and happy to help.Rabbi Meister

What Is Chaverim?

Chaverim is a group of volunteers who provide road assistance as well as non-medical emergency help on the road at at home. The name "Chaverim" is derived from the Hebrew word chaver, which means "friend."

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Our Team

Chaverim currently has 25 Responders and 10 Dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Join The Club

Join our Chai-verim club by providing monthly support to those who help make a difference within our community.


Support Chaverim

Chaverim of Baltimore averages 300 calls each month. Help us increase our abilities by purchasing needed equipment.


Our how-to page is the perfect place for learning how to change a flat, check tire pressure and more.


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Introducing: Shiva Minyan Text Alerts

Join Our New Shiva Minyan Text Alert Program After years of receiving calls for help to complete shiva minyanim, Chaverim of Baltimore decided to create a text alert program for those willing to help. Texts will be infrequent and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a great mitzvah. Text EZRHY79124 to 313131 View … Read more


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