About Us

What Is Chaverim?

Chaverim is a group of volunteers who provide road assistance as well as non-medical emergency help on the road at at home. The name "Chaverim" is derived from the Hebrew word chaver, which means "friend."

History of Chaverim of Baltimore

Chaverim of Baltimore was first founded in 2007 when a group of qualified individuals recognized the community’s need for an organization that could help people in times of need. These Chaverim volunteers committed their time, skills, resources and expertise to help the community at large. We now currently have 25 responders and 10 dispatchers on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since Chaverim of Baltimore began, we have received over 20,000 phone calls and now average 300 calls a month. That's roughly 10-20 calls for assistance each day!


Chaverim truck Chaverim of Baltimore Helping at night Family BBQ Stuck car

Services We Provide

Chaverim focuses on providing 24 hour non-medical assistance to the community on the road and at home.

These services include:

  • Assisting individuals locked out of their home or vehicle
  • Boosting car batteries
  • Repairing (changing) flat tires
  • Helping remove vehicles stuck in snow or mud
  • Obtaining gas for individuals whose tank runs dry
  • Assisting with the loss of important services such as electric, gas or water
  • Assiting with shiva minyanim

More Info

Become a Chaverim Volunteer


There are no physical requirements to become a dispatcher and you can field calls from home. Training is provided.


Responders are asked to take a minimum of 2 calls per week. Training is provided as needed.

Please contact us to learn about the positions or apply now.

Shiva Minyan Volunteer

Join our shiva minyan text alert program to be informed of when a minyan is needed. Simply text EZRHY79124 to 313131

How We Handle Expenses

Chaverim provides all services free of charge. We rely solely on donations from the community to defray the cost of our services. Your monetary support allows us to continuously offer our services to the Baltimore community.