Join the Chai-Verim Club

Chai-verim is a club for people who commit to donate $18.00 per month for the duration of one (1) year.

Those who join the club will receive:

  1. A special “I support Chaverim of Baltimore” bumper sticker (can only be received by joining chai-verim)
  2. A thank you letter personally signed by the President of Chaverim of Baltimore
  3. A receipt of your donation that can be used as a tax write-off (seek information from your local accountant)
  4. The satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference

Your donation to Chaverim may be able to come from your ma’aser money, speak to your local orthodox rabbi.

Your Donation is Greatly Appreciated

All donations help us provide top-quality assistance to the community through the hundreds of calls we get every month.

To Unsubscribe

Please send an email to with your name and the email address registered with paypal.