What is Chaverim?


“Chaverim” is a Hebrew word that translates as “friends”. We are a group of volunteers who help people with various home and vehicle related issues .

Organization type

Chaverim of Baltimore is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.



Dispatching Unit

Dispatchers may be male or female. There are no physical requirements to be able to become a dispatcher. Dispatchers are able to dispatch calls from the comfort of their own homes. Training will be provided.

Responding Unit

Responders are asked to take at least 2 calls per week. The more calls a responder can take, the better. Training will be provided as needed. Join today

Services We Offer

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Jump Starts

Flat Tires

Low Tires

Empty Gas Tank
If you run out of gas when you are driving, we will be happy to come and bring you a gallon of gas substitute. It works the same way as real gasoline, but is safe to transport in our vehicles. For every gallon of substitute gas that is put into your vehicle, make sure to add 3 times that quantity of real gas before your engine cools off or your vehicle may incur damage. We strongly recommend that you go straight from having the gas substitute added to a gas station and fill the tank.[/su_spoiler

Car Lockout

Home Lockout

Stuck Vehicle

Minyan Assistance

Emergency Calls

Chai-Verim Club

The Chai-Verim or, 18 Per Month Club, is a club for people who would like to support Chaverim regardless of whether or not the donor needs assistance themselves. To join, individuals must donate $18 on a monthly basis for a period of 12 months. Your contributions will allow Chaverim to continue to operate without charging a fee.

If you are a club member and can no longer make the payments, please let us know by sending an email to with your name and the email address registered with paypal. This way we can remove you from our automated invoicing system.


There are no fees for regular service. As a non-profit organization, much of our costs are defrayed by donations. We reserve the right to begin charging if we do not receiving enough donations to keep the organization running.

Intentionally falsifying an emergency call will result in heavy fees and penalties as this is a misuse of a system put in place to help people in need.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations made to Chaverim of Baltimore are tax deductible. Meaning, if you donate 100 dollars, you can deduct 100 dollars from the income you pay taxes on. For example: If you donate 100 dollars in a calendar year and your tax rate is 20%, you would be paying 20 dollars less in tax that year.

Note: Speak to your accountant regarding the rules and regulations of tax deductions. Neither Chaverim of Baltimore, nor its members are tax professionals (or acting as tax professionals) and therefore make no warrant to the validity of the information above.

Please note that we pay a small processing fee on all donations made over our website via Paypal. In order for 100% of your donation to go to Chaverim, please mail a check or hand deliver cash to:

Chaverim of Baltimore
6304 Wirt Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215

Or you can donate online.