Words of Thanks from We've Helped

"I want to express my thanks for your asisstance in enhancing our community."

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan

"One of the greatest cheseds ever thought of."

The Gross Family

"You guys are just great and a tremendous Chesed to our community."

Eva Katznelson

"Definitely a real community asset."

Mr. & Mrs. Adler

"Chaverim is there when you need them and they were fast and happy to help."

Rabbi Meister

"Thank you! You were there so quickly, and you did a true chesed."

Pam Lehmann

"Thank you so much for your help. This is truly a wonderful organization."

Mr. & Mrs. Malitsky

"Unit #41-I didn't catch his name- came in ten minutes and unlocked my car for me! He was very courteous and I really appreciated it! Thank you Chaverim!!"

Shifrah G.