October 8, 2019

American odds vs. Decimal odds

Learn the Distinction between Decimal odds and Chances

Use our simple odds conversion chart

Calculate a bet in Decimal odds and both odds
The arrangement for odds can fluctuate depending on which portion of the world you live in. The two most common options are American and overburdened chances. However, what’s the difference, how can you compute returns for each format and then convert from one to another? Read on to learn.
It’s important to be aware that the presentation just disagrees before we delve into examples on how to compute bet returns which have been presented in odds formats.
Calculating profits with Decimal odds

Decimal odds are predominantly used in Europe, Australia and Canada. The format is a simple representation of the return.

By multiplying the amount you would like to bet by the possibilities offered the return on a bet quoted in Decimal odds is quite simple to calculate — just remember that your bet is included by the return. Here is an example of Decimal chances in a 1X2 football marketplace from Pinnacle

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