October 11, 2019

Best Sports Betting Tipsters


I used to believe that there wasn’t any hope in locating any Tipster which gives you a real advantage — if you’ve paid for a service or not. But that decision was drawn from negative experiences using subscription Tipster services, during a period where the (free) Twitter Tipsters ran riot.

I’ve seen slow improvements to the Tipster marketplace, and gaming industry in general, over the past few years. Online regulations are rebuilding: it appears I am not the only person that recognises that the industry had cleaning up!

There’s now several strong Tipping Services emerging, offering far more transparency than previously.

You are spoilt for choice. There is free Tipsters everywhere — on blogs, social networking, forums, the radio, etc.

Keep in mind that Tipping Services are far audited than a lot of the paid options. You have to estimate reasons behind them, and the strategy used , in an individual basis.

Warning: several free Tipsters provide out choices based on the slightest hunch. They will frequently present images of winnings, and play losses. They will attempt to lure gamers to subscribe to”premium tips” or to bet at anything Bookmaker provides them the ideal incentive.

I suggest using the free tips provided through an established platform — like those I’m about to recommend in another section.

Alternatively, you might prefer to try the BetBull app. It is a societal betting platform which connects punters to plenty of Tipsters, enabling them to copy their stakes. For more information read my full BetBull review.

There is two standout paid Tipping Services that I have identified as giving you the best chance of profiting. They’re basically’hubs’ which connect punters to a vast selection of Tipsters for almost any sport.

The part of these subscription Tipster sites would be to audit third party Tipsters, to scrutinise their choices, and present their own gambling records with utmost transparency. This protects bettors from frequent scams.

So here is my listing of high Tipping Services…

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