October 10, 2019

Fernando Alonso hints at interest in possible F1 return

Fernando Alonso has given his strongest hint yet that he’s interested in returning to Formula 1 – possibly in 2021 for the sport’s principles reform.
Alonso is back from the paddock at the Italian GP this weekend before stepping out from a race seat at the conclusion of last season in his continuing role as an ambassador for McLaren, that last drove for in F1.
The Spaniard has competed in various motorsport types, winning the World Endurance Championship in June and creating a second try at the Indy 500. He is currently examining at the Dakar Rally in January in preparation for a potential debut.
However, the speculation about a racing return to F1 is not far from the former world champion.
And asked by Sky Sports F1’s Rachel Brookes if his strategy was to return to the world championship one day, Alonso replied:”Maybe.”
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Pressed on whether he would want to go back next year, Alonso added:”Let us see. I need to figure out a couple of challenges from Formula 1 that I want to complete. They aren’t yet finished, such as the Indy 500 and another stuff.
“2021 using all the new regulations, I think it is a fantastic mix that we can locate there and perhaps a different Formula 1 in what we find today.
“The reasons why I left Formula 1 final year are still present now with domination on a transparent team along with the races that a bit too predictable, but 2021 these items could be changed and perhaps it is a good chance there.”
Asked when he was talking to some teams, a grinning Alonso replied:”Consistently”
2006 world winner and the 2005 is regarded as one the most gifted F1 drivers of all time, though it remains difficult to see where Alonso will reunite in future.
The Spaniard admitted that the move to a 22-race calendar from third season could be something.
“22 races is non-stop, it is rather demanding. Let’s see – I am getting old!” Additional.
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