October 9, 2019

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc leading F1’s new generation

Lewis Hamilton may be nearing that a six world championship, together with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen setting themselves, but one of the topics from F1 2019 has been a brand new generation of young drivers and the development of youth.
Between these, Verstappen and Leclerc have won four of the previous six races both playing struggles – and look set to become contenders near the very top of F1 from the next few years for the Englishman’s throne.
When is the Singapore GP on Sky?
They are not the sport climbing stars. Three rookies in Lando Norris, Alex Albon and George Russell also have made their mark.
The near future looks bright…
2019 type:
Wins: 2; Podiums 5; Poles: 1; Qualifying vs; Race vs Championship setting: 3rd
Though 22 doesn’t turn he could qualify as a campaigner with the Dutchman in his fifth season of F1 and only five starts off from his 100th grand prix.
F1’s youngest-ever driver and race winner definitely made his mark early, first at Toro Rosso in 2015 and afterwards, on the front-running scene, even once he joined Red Bull after the opening four races of the next season and promptly won on his debut in Spain.
Together with Verstappen rivalling Hamilton six additional victories have followed, such as 2 in Germany and Austria this year. While his season hasn’t really re-ignited in precisely exactly the manner quite yet since the rest, after a collision in Spa and motor penalties in Monza, Verstappen will be among the favourites in Singapore using Red Bull back more favoured ground in problems.
2019 form:
Wins 2; Podiums: 7; Poles: 4; Qualifying vs team-mate 8-6; Races vs team-mate 6-8; Championship setting: 4th
The person of the minute after back-to-back victories of f1. When he had been signed to their own driver academy, leclerc was a Ferrari prot??g?? because 2016. He has won both of F1’s feeder series – that which was and GP3 F2 – until enjoying at Ferrari-engined Sauber in 2018.
Becoming the first member of Ferrari’s academy to graduate into one of those two most historic seats in F1, Leclerc has been fast from the off from four-time winner team-mate Sebastian Vettel, though it’s been until recent decades that he has truly begun to emerge since the Scuderia’s more consistent actor.
So much so that he heads into Singapore planning to expand his series over Sebastian Vettel to eight races and what is presently a lead over the German at the Drivers’ Championship.
2019 type:
Best Qualifying Result: 8th Race Result: 5th; Qualifying vs team-mate: 5-7 vs Kvyat, 1-1 vs Verstappen; Races vs team-mate: 2-0 vs Verstappen, 4-8 vs Kvyat; Championship placing: 9th
Just creating the F1 grid represented a turnaround for Albon, who was axed from the Red Bull academy and, after last 35, finishing an impressive third in F2, was set for Formula E in 2019. But Toro Rosso came calling and, five months later making his F1 debut with the group, Albon was confirmed as Pierre Gasly’s substitute at Red Bull. Talk to a year!
Albon made his Red Bull shot when he was just and out-scored by Daniil Kvyat within his 12 races. Albon, who drove an F1 far at the pre-season testing of 2019 showed glimpses of amazing potentialin the wet in Germany if he had been unlucky not to have procured a podium.
Red Bull saw that ability and believed him a more powerful supporting act to Verstappen than the struggling Gasly and, although two races to his new job, Albon seems the clear favourite to land the drive for 2020 after strong top-six ends in both Belgium and Italy. Albon should be given a chance to go head-to-head together with Verstappen towards the front by red Bull’s suspected form over the next seven races. He will be up for that challenge, if 2019 is not anything to go by.
2019 form:
Best Qualifying Result: 5th; Greatest Race Result: 6th; Qualifying vs team-mate: 9-5; Races vs team-mate: 5-9; Championship setting: 14th
Even though McLaren are rebuilding instead of fighting for championships, the strain of a front-running team stays for their initial homegrown newcomer since Lewis Hamilton – especially because of their drivers over a decade back. But Norris, has thrived in his debut season on the stage and like Hamilton, was brought through the junior groups by McLaren.
What has been most impressive about Norris, also the youngest-ever British F1 driver and 19, is his maturity and consistency. In qualifying norris is currently beating team-mate-turned-best friend Carlos Sainz and Norris was plagued with misfortune while the Spaniard has delivered on race day. Take Belgium, before breaking down on the final lap for instance, if he ran fifth for the race.
Norris represents the future of the prestigious team, has helped this season turns a leaf and, on this type. To start with, he’ll seem to complete an impressive rookie year by solidifying McLaren’s fourth place in the tournament whilst strengthening his things tally.
2019 type:
Best Qualifying Result: 16th; Best Race Result: 11th; Qualifying vs team-mate: 14-0; Query vs team-mate: 12-2; Championship setting: 20th
Mercedes junior Russell entered F1 with a reputation as a glistening youngster after hammering both Albon and Norris to claim the F2 championship. However, while his rookies have had the tools at their disposal to shine instantaneously at groups, Russell joined a Williams outfit who’ve been backrunners all season.
This year despite that, Russell has hardly put a foot wrong. He holds the perfect qualifying record about the grid – with beaten race-winning team-mate Robert Kubica – while he has only completed on a Sunday double behind the Pole. Russell performance was in Hungary, in qualifying, when he wrestled the Williams.
Russell’s form hasn’t gone unnoticed, with all Mercedes since they consider successor, and Hamilton’s long-term team-mate keeping a watching eye across the Brit. So will aspire to aid the grid rises up, for now, he’s locked in at Williams, and quickly.

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