October 9, 2019

Nick Foles injury sees Jacksonville Jaguars acquire Josh Dobbs from Pittsburgh

The Jacksonville Jaguars have acquired quarterback Josh Dobbs in a transaction with Pittsburgh, providing them a backup while Nick Foles recovers from a broken collarbone.
The Jaguars gave up their choice from the 2020 draft. He was a fourth-round choice in 2017.
Will back up newcomer Gardner Minshew. Minshew completed 22 of 25 passes for 275 yards, with an interception and 2 touchdowns, within his NFL debut Sunday.
Minshew replaced Foles from the initial quarter and completed 88 per cent of his passes, getting the most precise single-game passer in Jaguars history (minimum 25 attempts).
His completion percentage also was the greatest for any player with 15 pass attempts making his NFL debut.
His left clavicle struck on the 10th offensive play of this year of Jacksonville. On while projecting a 35-yard TD pass to DJ 15, he was struck and landed.
The Jaguars put Foles on injured reserve. If He’s advised to return, and that’s exactly what the group anticipates, Foles would be eligible to return to practice in October and will be eligible to play in Week 11

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