October 9, 2019

Ref Watch: Jack Grealish, Harry Kane and Callum McGregor decisions analysed by Dermot Gallagher

After a busy weekend for VAR Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher chooses the bones from the big choices in the latest edition of Ref Watch.
Even the Old Firm derby and also the north London derby both took center stage over the weekend but there was plenty of controversy elsewhere, with three red cards dished out across the Premier League, a angry Norwich supervisor and a new argument brewing where the bar should lie ‘clear and clear errors’.
Just did Dermot watch it? Here’s Sky Sports’ resident ref’s opinion…
INCIDENT: Henri Lansbury’s aim is ruled out since the referee’s whistle has goneso that Jack Grealish can be booked for simulation after going down beneath Gary Cahill’s challenge. VAR does not provide a penalty.
VERDICT: Wrong call, Grealish didn’t dive.
DERMOT SAYS:”VAR was utilized partially on this. You have to go backwards on it. Was the whistle blown by the referee before the ball was struck by Lansbury? He did, there is no doubt. So there is no way.
“You work backwards, was it a penalty, did Gary Cahill make a foul? The VAR appears at this and says no. I believe they’re correct, it was not a foul, which means you default back.
“If you want it or not, VAR couldn’t do anything about it. Everything defaulted back to Kevin Friend.
“If the whistle hadn’t gone, VAR would’ve assessed whether the purpose was legal, and the referee might have said he believed there wasn’t a simulation, so I’m likely to provide that.
“They can assess whether it’s a punishment, but they cannot test simulation. His choice was made by the referee there, it’s not the choice I would’ve produced but it was made by him.
“There is three signs if we wait. You’ll be able to look at Since the referee opted to make his choice when he hit the ground, that’s the one thing.
“The referee’s mindset is that he has gone over too readily, that he’s hoping to win a penalty. I believed it was not a dive. I thought Cahill was made contact.”
INCIDENT: Harry Kane goes down under a challenge from Sokratis at the last minute from the Arsenal penalty area, however the Warriors and VAR both decide against giving a spot-kick.
VERDICT: Right call.
DERMOT SAYS:”For me personally, certainly not a penalty. If you appear, he takes his earth steps across him sees Sokratis and goes right into him. I believed Martin Atkinson refereed a game in a good manner, but he obtained this perfect.
“There’s contact there, we aren’t not needing a lot of yellows when contact’s left but I think that it is not a punishment, that’s the crucial issue.”
INCIDENT: following having a VAR review He’s given a yellow card, although Youri Tielemans seems to stamp on Callum Wilson
VERDICT: Correctly managed dependent on just what the participant saw.
DERMOT SAYS:”It does not hit on the threshold, the bar is set quite large. What shows it is the first clip you watch, a red card for me personally, some people I’ve spoken to say that is not, precisely exactly the same angle the referee sees, it doesn’t seem a card. Throughout play it didn’t look a red.
“I feel the threshold has got to be everyone’s going to go,’yeah we’re in that camp’.”
INCIDENT: Jefferson Lerma stands Jonny Evans when the two players Opt for a 50/50, nothing is given by the Warriors
VERDICT: Yellow card.
DERMOT SAYS:”The referee didn’t see it or give a filthy. When you see it, it a second yellow, and a yellow, however the VAR can’t intervene. The argument is, can it be a red card question? When you look at the Tielemans one and that’s not given as a red, it would be quite tricky to provide a red for this.”
INCIDENT: Ryan Jack and Callum McGregor both perpetrate bad tackles on Boli Bolignoli and Scott Arfield, with force, respectively Before Jordan Jones is sent off for Rangers. Neither is reserved.
VERDICT: Right telephone number.
DERMOT SAYS:”There is some of them. It moves in difficult from McGregor, and rather low. If he quits play he will give a card the referee plays , I believe.
“With Jack, it is a yellow card in the best. He has gone in tough. Both players are dedicated, it’s inevitable they are likely to come. He gets a little bit on the ball”
INCIDENT: The chunk Seems to hit on the hand minutes of Isaac Hayden before Fabian Schar scores to equalise for Newcastle, that goes unnoticed by VAR or the referee
DERMOT SAYS:”It didn’t get picked up. Whether that’s because they were trying to help keep the game and get it done as rapidly as possible, I don’t understand.
“However, what it will do, it is about reflection and moving forward it is going to be is it offside, is that there a foul, is there a handball – move through the record, and if it takes another 10 or 15 seconds then so be it.”
INCIDENT: Sebastien Haller not given penalty after contact at the Norwich box, also the decision Doesn’t overturn
DERMOT SAYS:”I think ti’s a punishment. The ball is the clue, look at it and it goes off. It’s all about manifestation, this week, the referees are meeting, it may be mentioned that the VAR might have got involved.
“It is an ongoing process, we’ve said it might take three years to iron out things. I mentioned at the beginning of the season that it will be a bumpy ride, perhaps that’s one where they state it should’ve been overturned.”
INCIDENTS: Sebastian Farke is angered when Haller challenge on Christoph Zimmermann and the alleged elbow on Tom Trybull both of Andriy Yarmolenko go unpunished by VAR
VERDICT: either decision would not be overturned by VAR.
DERMOT SAYS:”About the foul, I believe he might be erroneous to suggest it wasn’t assessed, it might well have been looked at but since the game was not stopped, it has looked at in drama. It is low, it is not dangerous or endangering his opponent. It’s definitely not a card.
“It’s quite tricky to say it is an elbow . How fast it occurs and if it is skimmed to his chest possibly but I wouldn’t call it nasty or malicious.”

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