October 8, 2019

Van Noy explains how Pats will overcome roster losses

New season. New team.
No NFL team is exactly the exact same one year to another. Players depart in free agency, retire, are published, move on. New blood has been added to the mix. Even if some crucial pieces remain, NFL teams are shapeshifters, always changing one year to the next.
For no franchise is that more obvious than the New England Patriots. The Dynasty of Dynasties, Bill Belichick’s team has been through overhauls previously and continues to dominate the AFC East and the NFL.
The 2019 variant of this Pats must conquer some huge losses. The listing of departures of both coaches and players is long:
Patriots Losses 2019 Offseason:
TE Rob Gronkowski
WR Chris Hogan
WR Cordarrelle Patterson
TE Dwayne Allen
T Trent Brown
T LaAdrian Waddle
T Jared Veldheer
DE Trey Flowers
DT Malcolm Brown
DE Adrian Clayborn
CB Eric Rowe
Defensive coordinator Brian Flores
Defensive line coach Brendan Daly
Cornerbacks coach Josh Boyer
Joining NFL Network’s Total Access this week, Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy told New England celebrity Willie McGinnest that the key to replacing all of the losses has been the civilization Belichick has instilled in the veterans still with the program.
“Bill does a really good job of the civilization being set with the players that have been there because of their tenures,” Van Noy said. “Like Patrick Chung, Dont’a Hightower, Devin McCourty, Tom (Brady), they’ve been there for a little while, Matthew Slater. Those guys have already been passed on out of your creation, the norm. And we are only trying to keep that legacy going.
“When that culture is put, it doesn’t matter, most of us have the same aim in mind and that’s simply to win”
The Pats have conquer on-field attrition previously. Losing Gronk is enormous, but the premise is as long as Brady is throwing passes, the Patriots will probably be fine. The bigger question includes coaching attrition that we’ve seen from New England the past couple of seasons, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
Without a defensive coordinator, Belichick is predicted to have a heavier role compared to normal in the every-day activity and play-calling this season. Van Noy welcomes the opportunity to be pushed with the very best coach in NFL history.
“I think for me, anytime you get to learn from one of the finest ever to do it to me, he is the best — to understand from him each and every day, to have this mindset on your meetings all the time, getting you information and things that you normally don’t see, you receive in mind a little bit, it’s the very best,” Van Noy said.
Maybe the dynasty will end one day. No one expects it to crash in 2019, in spite of this year’s attrition.

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